Pascal Goet

15 June - 15 september

Insects are aesthetically pleasing and almost prophetically through the lens of Pascal Goet . His macro – photography shares with us the wonders of nature , by accentuating the shapes and colors of the insects. His beautiful, quirky collection of photographs is called ” MASK ” because we actually almost no longer recognize the insects , but rather authentic masks of chiefs , totems or a talisman . Vibrant , artistic forms , full of color and shine are coming to the surface and it gives us a magical feeling . We return to the primitive and the power of nature .



Paris-based art director and photographer Eric Maloberti brings us pictures in a scene of the years ’50 and lets us think about the meaning of our daily life.

A wife, a husband and some children.. What do you think when you look at this? You can think it’s an arranged marriage in the years ’50? Or maybe it is based on the novel ” Madame Bovary “? The photographer is happy with your own enterpretation.

Denis De Gloire

De Morgen, cult section, 17/12/2014:

“The work of Denis De Gloire may be put next to the work of Jackson Pollock. Even more, the work of Denis De Gloire is better than the work from Jackson Pollock as the balance and tension are almost just as strong and… the paint is more fresh, dixit Denis De Gloire.”


Thierry Bisch

Thierry Bisch was born in 1953 in Strasbourg, France. He comes from a family with industrial interests in France. The work of his celebrated great- grand father the painter Louis Janmot (1814-1892), had a profound influence upon him.


Juliette Clovis

Juliette Clovis is a “plastic surgeon”, operating on vinyl and transforming reality deeper than it first seems. She handles raw material, cuts it and carves it before she superimoses the layers on Plexiglas. 



Self-taught artist ,influenced by realism, pop art, figurative and narrative painting, He brings colours and words together with the hope of creating a poetry of its time and with the rythms of the world’s breathing.


Adit Goschalk

From 21 december 2013

Adit Goschalk is a London based artist who delves deep into female identity in our media-driven world. She is inspired by advertising imagery and uses this to consider how images of women within society are manufactured, commodified, and used to sell.


Christophe Vander Eecken

From 11 november 2013

“The old docks of Ghent”

Born in 1973, Ghent.

Freelance photographer, based in Belgium – Europe, taking pictures since 1992, shooting portraits, editorial and corporate photos in a documentary style. Assignments took him to Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, Indonesia, US, Dubai, Lybia, Qatar, Russia and all over Europe.